A fantasy webmanga

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This is a fantasy webmanga about the misadventures of the seven unlikely people who were destined to meet.

With only one thing in common, together they will change the inevitable fate of the continent they all live in.

Age rating: PG-13. Contains mild violence and mild language.

Chapter 4 Page 34

Feb. 28, 2017

Let's talk about names. Basically, the more names the higher is his/her place in society.
Commonners have 2, nobles have 3 and royalties have 4.

For Kaij's full name, for example, Kaij Ryton, his first name is Kaij while the second name is his father's first name. Kaij's father's first name is Ryton while the second name is Kaij's father's father's first name.

For nobles:
First Name + First Name of Mother/Father depending on gender + Family Name

For royalties:
First Name + First Name of Father/Mother + First Name of Grandfather/Grandmother + Family name

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