A fantasy webmanga

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This is a fantasy webmanga about the misadventures of the seven unlikely people who were destined to meet.

With only one thing in common, together they will change the inevitable fate of the continent they all live in.

Age rating: PG-13. Contains mild violence and mild language.

Chapter 4 Page 27

Jan. 2, 2017

Nothing major but I decided to change the age rating to PG-13. The mood is generally light and happy but I think this is more appropriate considering that the story will occasionally deal with different levels of cruelty, vices, attempted/implied rape, suicide attempts, multiple deaths, PG-13 naughtiness, etc. I'm desensitized to cussing (among other things thanks to the internet) but I will still censor swear words in the pages just to be safe.

Two pages this week and oh, by the way, Happy New Year everyone! XD

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