A fantasy webmanga

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This is a fantasy webmanga about the misadventures of the seven unlikely people who were destined to meet.

With only one thing in common, together they will change the inevitable fate of the continent they all live in.

Age rating: PG-13. Contains mild violence and mild language.

Chapter 3 Page 3

Oct. 30, 2015

So I noticed that I got couple of votes in Topwebcomics and my first reaction was like, must be some bug in the site or something... I did not remember giving myself this much votes (lol) and I did not post voting links anywhere even in this site (not yet). Omg, I did not expect that some would make use of a few moments of their time to vote for some 800-1000 plus ranking title with no incentive. Thank you very much guys/gals! And to the guy who liked the MeCon FB page (which doesn't really contain much for now) then came back to like the few pics I had in there, you know who you are and I am grateful for your support. :D

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