A fantasy webmanga

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This is a fantasy webmanga about the misadventures of the seven unlikely people who were destined to meet.

With only one thing in common, together they will change the inevitable fate of the continent they all live in.

Age rating: PG-13. Contains mild violence and mild language.

Chapter 3 Page 15

Dec. 21, 2015

Two pages for today which I was supposed to upload last Friday but wasn't able to. I am still working for today's page and, oh yeah, I missed a page last November so that makes 2 pages to make up for. I think it is best if I don't promise any dates for those especially now that my Bamboo is showing signs of old Wacom arthritis. I just made up the name (haha) but I read that it is quite common and it is when the cable gets disconnection issues with its body as the device gets older.

while (hasDisconnectionIssue()) {



It is still holding on though after all the abuse. What a champ!

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