A fantasy webmanga
About the Author

Age: ???

Height: ???

Kingdom of Origin: Philippines

Powerstone: I wish I had an air stone so I can fly!

Weapon of Choice: Wacom Bamboo tablet, Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop

I'm full time corporate drone working in the software industry and part time mangaka wannabe. Aside from drawing and story writing, I also enjoy redditing, and playing DoTA2 and various video games of RPG genre.

This project is a solo venture from story to art to website creation. For now, MeCon is my priority but someday, I wish to materialized the other stories I'ved developed in sequential art form also. My dream in life is to finish MeCon and share it to the world.

Contact Info

For greetings, comments, suggestions, reports on dead links, or whatever, email me at


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